Change is possible…

New Beginnings

No matter where you are in life, mentally or physically, change is possible and whether you believe it or not, it is necessary. You don’t have to live the same way everyday and fit in with everybody else. You don’t have to keep going down the same road that you have been on forever and a day. It’s time to break free and do you. Time to be the unique you, the different you, the authentic you. Why not break from the monotony of things and get your life in order? Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t change or do better or be a better person because you can. It starts from within. Love yourself. Find out who you are. Find your passions, your likes and dislikes, your style, your flair, your spiritual self and the list goes on and on. Make “you” a mission and a priority…

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Why wait?

New Beginnings

Ok so a new year is approaching and guess what? Here comes the making of resolutions to lose weight, save more money, gonna do this, that and the third. I have done it time and time again and have come up short by February….every time. I could not stick to anything. Sooo, I just don’t do it. I know that there are some changes that I need to make so I just decided not to wait. Why wait until the new year to start working on something? Why give myself more time to talk myself out of it or put it off? If it is something that I really need to change then I need to take care of it ASAP.

For the past few months, I have been making those changes so that I can get to what I like to call BOSS STATUS. What’s that? Well, I have heard…

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Youth Development

Cayo Buay

We all know that the biggest plagues causing commotion in our societies is lack of youth development. We need to step outside of the box for a bit and look at what is happening, where we are and what can be done to remedy the situations.

What is youth development?

… the ongoing growth process in which all youth are engaged in attempting to (1) meet their basic personal and social needs to be safe, feel cared for, be valued, be useful, and be spiritually grounded, and (2) to build skills and competencies that allow them to function and contribute in their daily lives.”
– (Pittman, 1993)

Youth development, then, is a combination of all of the people, places, supports, opportunities and services that most of us inherently understand that young people need to be happy, healthy and successful. Youth development currently exists in a variety of different places, forms…

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Learning with You Tube: The Neuroscience of Memory

SBI Training Solutions

Hi All,

The last few months, I am struggling with my short term memory. A short research and self-analysis  led me to share with you the on findings on this topic. My objective is to use these interesting discoveries for your learning curve both for English, and general knowledge. Till next time. Anita H.


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Memories are Made of This

Eric R. Kandel, Howard Hughes Medical Institute Investigator, examines whether the brain’s two major memory systems, implicit and explicit, have any common features. Implicit and explicit memory both have a short-term component lasting minutes, such as remembering the telephone number you just looked up, and a long-term component that lasts days, weeks, or a lifetime, such as remembering your mother’s birthday. Short-term memory is mediated by modifications of existing proteins, leading to temporary changes in the strength of communication between nerve cells. In contrast, long-term memory involves…

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